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Proud Sponsor and CoCreator of
Gratifly Music and Arts Festival

Official Merchandise coming soon to the
Check out our calender for all upcoming events.

We are noe pleased to offer:

  • Screen Printing Services:
    •T-Shirts • Tank Tops • Hoodies • Posters
    • Handbags • Track Shorts • Hats • Signs
    • Other Apparel
  • Merchandising Services
  • Vending Coordination
  • Event Production

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In our travels, we have found a freedom to exist in society by spreading art in a community surrounded by music, art, and fellowship. We felt inspired to grow and help others who were interested in sharing that found freedom, by sharing their work within the community.

Through our inspiration, The Headspace was born.

We hope to help create a culture of understanding through the art and work of those in our community and in doing so strengthen it.

The Headspace also hopes to spread awareness about creation,which goes beyond visual art. Visual art is a vehicle in the realization that the ability to manifest goes beyond the process of mind to canvas. Art inspires the power to turn a thought into a reality, in all areas of life.





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We are moving!! Because we will be working hard to make the new spot perfect, all orders placed this week will be shipped on Monday Feb. 2.